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Customer Focused Business Development.

Originally from a technical customer focused background I moved into technical sales and marketing. One of the major frustrations I had as a company employee was the lack of flexibility in tailoring solutions for my clients. Being tied to vendors or certain products did not always offer the best services. The "sell it" because we can approach was not how I wanted to do business.

I decided to set up Internet Design and Marketing to provide vendor independent advice, solutons and support. My first hand experiences were, and continue to be, crucial in my ability to build teams perfectly suited to customer requirements.

Internet Design and Marketing (IDM)

Customers often call me straight after a phone call from an excitable sales person offering them the latest, greatest and zingyest service available that can do this that and the other and make the tea.

"Do you need it?" "Will it improve your business?"

We tailor suppliers to the needs of our customers. We use partners that are great at what they do. It is essential that we understand the businesses that we work with and help them drive there online projects.

Long term customer focus is how we build our business.

Customer Focus

We build long term relationships by designing, tailoring and delivering solutions specifically to the needs of our clients. Our focus is to deliver flexible solutions with end results that increase productivity and positively impact on the profits of our customers.

- Group Publicity Manager -
Multinational Chemical Manufacturer

"We have been working with iDM for over ten years. From development and maintenance of our website to corporate film editing, software issues and all sorts of random enquiries, iDM have supplied a supportive, speedy and above all friendly service. We look forward to working together for the next ten years!"

- Marketing Manager -
Industry Training Organisation

"iDM have provided excellent, tailored support to us over the last 6 years.  From revamping our website to designing some bespoke software for us, they have listened to our needs and responded accordingly.  I would also say that, by asking us some pertinent questions, they have helped us come to a better understanding of our own processes and the potential of the new software we have created.  iDM continue to be a key partner we move forward and we have come to rely on their friendly, ‘can do’ attitude."

- Finance Director -
National Business Agency

“A refreshing approach, iDM have spent the time listening to us and helping us to understand the best approach. Being listened too and not sold to has been a greatly appreciated in the development of our branding and product. Highly recommended they have delivered over and above our expectations.”